Efficient or Something

I’m not sure why I thought having the last of the Kickstarter orders, the Shopify orders that have come in recently, the Patreon orders, AND all the flash sale orders get packed and shipped this week was a good idea, but apparently I thought it would be efficient or something?

Pictured, a tiny percentage of the packages that have gone out from this house this week. 🙂 Today we had me, Stephanie, Darius, and our new intern, Star, working from 9-1, and it was a mad rush, but we did get through quite a lot. Not quite all done, but we’re getting close. Close-ish? We’ll see! Goal is to ship everything by Friday, but drop-dead shipping deadline is Monday, so there’s a little leeway.

Of course, we’re hosting a book launch party on Sunday, so it’d be nice to be done Friday, so I can dedicate Saturday to cooking for the party — I have a trifle to make, people. It’s not Christmas if I don’t get a chance to make (and eat) a delightfully sherried trifle!

I have, however, bowed to the path of wisdom and am foregoing making fruitcake, plum pudding, or mincemeat pie this year. Apparently, I have limits, and I am learning to acknowledge them. Also, I should’ve made the fruitcake a month ago anyway, so making it now would just be sad. Although I suppose I could make it now and eat it at the end of January…

If you’re local and didn’t get a party invite and would like one, let me know! It’ll be Sunday, 2-6, our traditional colonial Christmas tea party — a mix of British tea party treats, and some biryani with curries.

I’m co-hosting with Alec Nevala-Lee, who also has a new book out. Alec, feel free to throw links to your books in the comments…

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