More Screenwriting Courses at the SLF

Hey, folks. Ted Schneider has kindly agreed to teach another session of our 6-week intro-to-screenwriting class for the SLF.

Before we schedule it, we’d love to get your input on day of the week / start date. So if you have preferences, please feel free to comment!

Day of the week:

a) Tuesday evenings 6 – 8:30 CST (current time)
b) Monday evenings 6 – 8:30 CST
c) Saturday 10 – 12:30 CST
d) Sunday 2 – 4:30 CST

Start date for six week class (this class ends on Tues 10/25):

a) first week of Nov – mid-December
b) week of Dec 5 – mid-January
c) first week of January – mid-February

Any input on this is welcome!

Price: $350 (discounted rates for certain tiers of SLF membership)


The SLF currently takes 30% of tuition in exchange for organizing and handling the money piece of classes, which goes to supporting all of our other non-profit grants and programs. If you’re not a member and would like to become one and support our activities, please do!

Memberships and other donations are tax-deductible in the U.S. —, click on Become a Member, or the Donate link.


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