The Value of a Good Spreadsheet

Quick eldercare update: my mother was able to sign a POA (power of attorney) yesterday, which is a huge relief; it’ll mean that the family will be able to access her saved funds to pay for her care as needed, and that we should be able to avoid the complex and time-consuming conservatorship process.

If you don’t have your power of attorney, etc. set up correctly, let me remind you, once again, that you want to do it when things are calm, not in the middle of a health crisis.

Kevin and I still need to finalize all of our own paperwork; we’ve done some of it, but not everything. On the list to handle this fall.

My next task for the morning — going through the stack of papers my dad sent me to make sure that all of their financial information is entered into the spreadsheet we’re giving the lawyer as he proceeds with the other paperwork.

Making sense of financial matters was never my strength, but after five years serving on various local boards, I have learned to appreciate the value of a good spreadsheet…

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