A Medieval Forest Bedroom

I promised photos of the medieval forest bedroom (inspired by Cair Paravel) once I actually finished getting the trees up.

It’s not really finished:

• I’m going to set the actual tree in a tall grey pot, so it’s more stable and I can camouflage the power cords

• I have a set of string lights I want to mount higher on the wall that’s just sitting coiled on the dresser right now

• I have two starry paper garlands I think I want to drape somewhere (I’d do it over the curtain rods, but we do actually open and close those curtains, so that wouldn’t really work)

• I want to re-do the headboard in dark blue velvet to coordinate with the curtains

• I’m tempted to paint the ceiling the same dark blue and add silver stars to it, and I’d really like to add a medieval-style canopy above the headboard….

I’ll probably actually finish this bedroom two months before we move out, and then the new owners will change it all. Oh well. 🙂

Still nice making progress.

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