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The Cold Dip

The sudden cold dip today broke me. 19F currently in Chicagoland, heading down to 15F. I came home from teaching with plans to put away masses of clean laundry this evening, but instead have spent the last two hours fully dressed in bed, trying to get warm. I finally managed it, after a hot bath

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Random Sleepy Thought

At some point, I was reading about people trying to stick to eating plans, and one interesting bit of research was that people generally were more likely to stick to the plan if they framed it as something positive rather than negative. Positive not in the toxic positivity kind of way, but just as an

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My Body in Revolt

I woke up at 5 a.m. for some ungodly reason, so I ended up making up a new recipe and making 48 redbud blossom spring glory mini muffins, and that was lovely (Anand has already eaten a good dozen of them, because he decided to have them for breakfast AND lunch — he’s apparently hit

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The Biggest Win of the Day

I walked down the stairs today!!! Yes, that is probably the biggest win of the day. I was holding onto the railing the whole time, going step-by-step, but nonetheless, graduating to a walking boot is definitely an improvement in the sprained ankle department. I never did learn how to go down stairs on crutches, which

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Graduating to the Boot

Ankle update: Ortho says bad sprain, but no other complications, has graduated me to a boot with crutches. Supposed to transition to ankle brace and weight-bearing as I can tolerate it. Could be anywhere from two weeks to two months for full recovery, but doesn’t expect more than that. Onwards!

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Eight Days In

Ankle update, along with some thoughts on reduced capacity. This afternoon I have my appointment with the orthopedic folks, who will — um, I’m not sure, actually. Take another set of x-rays? Have me do an MRI? Neither? But presumably sometime today or soon, they’ll tell me one of the following: a) the ankle is

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