The Biggest Win of the Day

I walked down the stairs today!!!

Yes, that is probably the biggest win of the day. I was holding onto the railing the whole time, going step-by-step, but nonetheless, graduating to a walking boot is definitely an improvement in the sprained ankle department. I never did learn how to go down stairs on crutches, which seems quite tricky; I just kept scooting on my butt the whole last week.

It’s going to take a while to build up flexibility and strength again, though — after about an hour of walking boot yesterday, I was definitely in pain. Just two ibuprofen level of pain, though. Manageable.

Roshani swung by this morning, which was nice, and brought me half a croque monsieur, so I had a very indulgent breakfast. We chatted briefly, but I’m on a big deadline today, need to finish a major pile of reading and writing notes for it by 5 p.m., so I couldn’t keep her for long.

Plan for the rest of today — I’m trying to move some meetings around, and I apparently have to go to the post office with Kevin and Kavi to get her passport renewed (they require both parents, I suppose to make sure one of us isn’t trying to abduct her out of the country), but otherwise, just read read read. And then read some more, until my eyes cross. Then blink, then keep reading.

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