Crocheting and Chatting

Knitting group on the porch last night — three women came over and we have a lovely couple of hours knitting / crocheting and chatting.

The last month has been so busy between start of the semester, ChiCon, and unexpected eldercare trip, I haven’t touched my yarn; it was soothing, having nothing else to do for a few hours but craft and chat. Need more of that and gardening in my life; I think the next month should be quieter, so that’s good.

Even though we finally got our porch string lights up last week, I still need to get a little more light out there, or maybe get myself one of those lights that hangs around your neck, because I ended up stopping work on my afghan after about an hour because it was getting dim enough that I was straining to see where to insert my crochet hook in the pattern. The candles are atmospheric, but don’t really cast that much light!

I think this week, I’ll try casting on some socks, so I have an option for truly mindless stockinette knitting that doesn’t ask much of my eyes when we meet again! I picked up a kit at Dye Hard Yarns a few weeks ago, and it’s calling to me (even though yes, I have multiple other projects in the works).

I probably also need new glasses. Sigh. Adding it to the list.

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