The SLF’s Intro to Screenwriting Course

I’ve been remiss in announcing that the SLF has started offering online writing classes!

I’m very excited about this — it’s something we’ve been working towards for a long time.

I’m actually signed up to take the first class myself, Intro to Screenwriting with Ted Schneider. I took a class with him this summer, and loved it so much, I asked him to come teach it again for us. I drafted a full screenplay pilot this summer; I’m hoping to work on a feature-length script this fall. (Ted isn’t a SF writer himself, but I was really impressed by how he adapted to having multiple genre writers in the summer class…)

It starts next week, September 20th (see, late notice, sorry!), and runs for six weeks on Tuesday evenings — it’s almost full, but has a few slots left. If you’re interested, more details here. SLF members get a discount on all our classes.

Super-exciting. More to come!

Please help spread the word — would very much appreciate likes / comments / shares!


In this class, students will explore principles of narrative structure for use in writing a narrative screenplay. Students will also create a logline and short outline that clarifies the story of their script and aid in rewrites.

Some examples of narrative structure terms:

Rising Action

NOTE: Students may elect to develop a full length screenplay or short film screenplay or television pilot. Note: For students wanting to produce their own work or who want to complete a script within the 6 sessions, short film scripts should be chosen as a focus.


Ted Schneider is a director, writer, actor, consultant and teacher. His film “Early Light” won the Soldier’s and Sacrifice Award at the 2020 Flicker’s Rhode Island International Film Festival. His first short, “Nothing Happened,” won awards at Trenton International Film Festival March on Washington Film Festival, White House Screening. His current film, “Iqaluit,” is screening in festivals such as the 30th Annual Arizona International Film Festival (2022) Flicker’s Rhode Island International Film Festival (2022) Boston Short Film Festival (2022) Detroit Trinity International Film Festival (2022). Upcoming: “Tell Me Something Else” Short Film (post-production). Earlier this year, Ted became the story editor for an untitled feature film project from East2West Entertainment.

As an actor, Ted has appeared alongside F. Murray Abraham, Amy Irving, Lynn Cohen, Bill Irwin, Michael Shannon, Reed Birney and Dierde O’Connell: Shakespeare, Chekhov and new works by Clare Barron, Naiomi Wallace and Lanford Wilson. He is a member of the theater and film group The Chekhov Project at Lake Lucille and holds a BFA in Theater Arts (Acting) from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and an MFA in Cinema Arts (Directing) from the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, Brooklyn College.

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