Fighting for the Favorite Cousin Spot

Mostly putting this here so I don’t forget the details. I think the plan for tomorrow in NY:

– try to get the kids up and dressed and out of my sister’s condo by 10 (I have a teenager, so this can be challenging — she really does like to sleep in these days)

– take the subway down to Little Island, meet my friend Nancy Hightower hopefully for coffee or lunch and talk teaching a bit (I’m hoping she might be able to teach some online classes for us at the SLF sometime in the next year), wander around the island playground, maybe do an art activity there (at 11) if we run across one the kids are interested in

– feed them something delicious

– by 1-ish, depending on their mood, we either:

a) go to the Museum of Illusions nearby (which I think Anand will find funny and Kavi will find fun for selfies)

b) take the ferry to Staten Island and take photos of the Statue of Liberty — neither of them are big into photo-taking, so I’m guessing they’ll veto this, but I love any opportunity to get on the water, and it’s a free boat ride

c) go for a walk on the High Line (but maybe they’ll be tired of outdoors after all the Little Island stuff, and I’ve been on the High Line before, so I won’t be too sad if we don’t hit it this trip)

d) go back to my sister’s place in Harlem and chill out for a few hours…

…before my niece gets home from school and my sister gets back from work and we all go out to dinner.

It’s been sort of challenging, managing the kids’ energy and interest levels on this trip. We don’t even try to do anything on travel days, but there are two days in each city when we’re not traveling, and we could be sightseeing. That was the plan, anyway!

At least in a theoretical sense, I’m not sure either one really sees the *point* of museums and sightseeing, though I think they at least kind of enjoy them when they’re doing them? Maybe?

Kavi is at least excited to spend time with my family, so she’s having fun with that part, thank goodness. Anand…I’m not sure which parts he likes, actually. But apparently I’m the parent who drags him around to things anyway, claiming they’ll be culturally enriching, even if they’re not fun…

Pic of Savreen with art that she made with Kavi. Kavi said smugly, “I’m pretty sure I’m her favorite cousin.”

Um, that might be IN THIS MOMENT, but I know Natalia and Savreen have a pretty special relationship, so Kavi might have to fight for that favorite cousin spot…

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