Lost, Stranger Things, or Babylon 5

Okay, it’s time for people to weigh in with TV suggestions again, but I have a very specific question this time around.

I’ve been told by people I trust that I should really watch both Lost and Babylon 5 for screenwriting research relevant to my current project (screenplays set in my Jump Space universe) — they’re both shows I basically missed the first time around.

I also kind of feel like I’m missing out on current cultural conversations by not watching Stranger Things right now.

So of those three, which should I watch next? (I’m planning to watch all three this summer, so it’s mostly a sequence / urgency thing.)

Thank you!

(And let me reiterate that I would prefer NOT to have suggestions of other shows. They are a) probably not relevant to these particular screenwriting elements I’m studying, and b) probably ones I’ve already seen. I’ve watched a LOT of tv.)

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