Cards in the Cafe Car

Almost to New York; about 3.5 hours from DC on Amtrak, $155 for the three of us, which seems like a steal compared to air travel. We ended up sitting in the cafe car, which was nice for a card game. (Pirate Fluxx).

But mostly, Kavi dozed while Anand and I read — he’s working through some Owl House fan fiction, and I finished up the latest Katherine Addison book set in the world of her Goblin Emperor, The Grief of Stones, an enjoyable read. I recommend the whole set of three to you for your relatively light summer reading pleasure.

I think I’ve read everything she wrote under that name (the one set in 18th century London, The Angel of the Crows, was trippy! I can’t really talk about it without giving big things away, but I enjoyed it, and she surprised me a few times!), so I guess next I’ll go back and check out her Sarah Monette books.

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