Getting Together and Sharing a Meal

One of the important things I got done last weekend was meeting one of my editors in person for the first time. You can get a lot of work done over phone and Zoom, of course, but there’s something really great about getting together and sharing a meal. The food at Red Rooster (in Harlem) was terrific.

Lori Perkins is the editor at Riverdale Avenue Books, a breast cancer survivor herself, and is actually publishing three of my books in the next year:

– re-issue of Perennial (my cancer & garden-themed romance)
– publication of my Cancer Log (need to figure out if it needs a different name…)
– print publication of Jump Space (Jed Hartman is doing the e-book publication at his Constellation Press)

Exciting! We’re hoping to have Perennial and the cancer log coming out in October, which means I have to hustle to finish the manuscript edits — I’m working on it! Definitely by end of April, one way or another.

I’m most of the way through the first pass on the text, but I do want to do some other things:

– think about whether there’s anything I didn’t include in the logs that I’d like to add
– go through and grab all the photos and add them (we’ll probably print in black and white to keep costs down, but I still think it’ll be nice having the photos)
– look through the comments and see if there are any I’d like to include; there were certainly a few that had really helpful information, though of course, that’d mean getting permission from commenters, so we’ll see
– ask my oncologist if she’d be willing to look at it and make sure I didn’t say anything wrong; I don’t want to put out any misinformation.

Probably I can get the first three done by the end of April, at least, which will let Lori get the book into production…

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