A Super-Annoying Thing

Writing day is progressing reasonably well except for one super-annoying thing, which I will get to in a moment.

Woke up at 6, took an hour to relax into the day, watch a little West Wing (it’s my comfort TV). By 7 the sun was coming up, and I was working, catching up on ICFA blog posts. By 8, heading downstairs for breakfast in the cafe — pausing to chat with Farah and Edward briefly, which was nice.

I was hungry, so ordered the full American breakfast, which I couldn’t actually eat all of right away, but I packed up some bacon and toast, and just polished that off for a snack, so that was nice.

Then settled into revision for a few hours, with a nice view of the palms and poolside. Got through to the end of Part Two, about 28,000 words in, so making progress. Was feeling pretty stiff, so came upstairs, changed into a suit, plugged in my laptop and phone that were almost out of charge, and took a book (Carrie Vaughn‘s _Questland_, which is very good fun) down to the pool.

Swam a bunch of laps, felt better, read for an hour or so, came back upstairs, ate my jammy toast and bacon, and now I’m going to take my other leftovers down to reheat them for lunch, and try to work on Part Three outside, because it is rather stunningly beautiful out today, and why would you be inside if you don’t have to?

So all of that is great.

The annoying thing is that I got an alert this morning, and when I got through to my bank, discovered that somebody got hold of my business debit card number to withdraw close to $1200 from the account. GAH. The bank has filed a dispute (I guess with the other bank that actually distributed the money), and says they’re giving me a provisional credit, but I didn’t actually get any assurance from them that I’m going to get the money back.

Their process takes up to 10 days, apparently, so I think I’m mostly in wait-and-see mode, with potential follow-up-and-escalate-if-necessary. My understanding is that banks SHOULD have insurance to cover this kind of thing, but this is a smaller local bank (Byline), and I’m not sure what their status is. I’m going to file a police report now too. If there are any other steps I should be taking, please do let me know.

Trying not to fret about it — if it’s gone, it’s gone, and getting angry isn’t going to help matters any. More important to focus on the writing while I’m here. But still. Argh.

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