Nice Review of Hush

Nice review (he loved it) of my recent story, “Hush.”

“In “Hush,” the always excellent Mary Anne Mohanraj takes on the xenophobia and mob mentality of the past few years. The place is Antira, a world colonized by humans but home and tourist destination to several alien species – one of which is noticeably non-human and endowed with a snake-like venomous defense mechanism. Jenny, a flight attendant on interplanetary passenger craft, comes home to Antira after her most recent flight to discover the latest anti-alien protest and a government “stay at home” order. She needs to get home to her younger son to comply with the order, a course of action complicated by her discovery that her alien neighbor’s teen daughter is also being given trouble by security because her mother has not yet arrived to pick her up. The guard is noticeably anti-alien, so Jenny rescues the girl. But their drive home is full of danger from the mob of protestors. Things, of course, start to go bad…..”

(You might want to read the story before clicking through to the rest of the review; the reviewer does try to avoid spoilers, but I think he does give away a little bit at the end that might reduce the emotional impact if you go in expecting it.)

Story here:

Rest of review here:…/sunday-shorts-two-from…

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