Good Progress

Made good progress on the novel revision this afternoon, to the end of Part Three, close to 60,000 words in. Sent it off to beta readers.

After that, had some snacks (the hummus is very good here, I suspect in part because they load it up with feta cheese), did some swimming, drinking, and reading — finished Questland, delightful.

(I might put in a slight content note for what seems to me a pretty controlling / gaslighting relationship, so if that’s a concern for you, heads up. Carrie handles it well, but still.)

Trying to figure out if I’ve rested enough to take on Part Four — maybe. Might go for a walk first. It’s really wonderful to be able to do this intense revision pass in such a terrific atmosphere — but this is also a LOT of intellectual work to do in a short span, and my brain is feeling a little tired. My flight home is at 4:35 tomorrow, and I’m wondering if it might be the better part of valor to just stop for the day and pick up tomorrow?

Well, we’ll see. I’m going to walk down to the pool now and just see if there are any ICFA folks who would like a copy of either Questland or my English gardening magazine for their journey home. 🙂

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