An Awards-Eligibility Post

At the very last moment, per usual, I realize I should do an awards-eligibility post. Hugo Award nominations are open until 11:59 p.m. today, March 15th. You may nominate with an attending or supporting membership to WorldCon.

Awards are one of the best ways to raise visibility of works; nominating and participating in this process (and encouraging other readers to participate) can help lift up marginalized and less-commercial voices.


I’d love to direct your attention to three possible nominees:

1) for Best Short Story, my story, “Among the Marithei,” part of the Jump Space series, published at Asimov’s. Read it for free here:

Tangent Online’s review: “Mary Anne Mohanraj brings readers a tear-jerker in “Among the Marithei,” a narrative examining the affects of a childhood at war on now first-time parent, Sergey, as he takes his newborn daughter to visit the Marithei, the aliens who rescued him and raised him. Mohanraj’s excellent use of backstory places hatred and love side-by-side: the Marithei, the past war, and Sergey’s years of healing, a healing that realistically stretches into the present of the story. And while both the war and Sergey’s rescue were naturally outside of his agency as a character, it is the years of peace and healing with the Marithei that allow him to make a new terrible choice at the Marith Temple gates. Mohanraj achieves a level of connection and empathy that is difficult to pull off in third person perspective. This beautiful story holds nothing back, so brace yourself.”

2) for Best Fancast, my podcast with Benjamin Rosenbaum, “Mohanraj and Rosenbaum are Humans” — 38 episodes free to listen to here, where Ben and I talk about culture, community, writing, editing, science fiction & fantasy, and a lot more:…/slf-podcast…/

3) for Best Novel, Ben’s fabulous novel, _The Unraveling_, which was one of my absolute favorite books of last year, and I’d say that even if he weren’t my co-host. 🙂 Check out an extensive review at the Chicago Review of Books:


If you are a member of this year’s Worldcon (Chicon), or if you were a member of last year’s (DisCon), then you can nominate by visiting ( and getting a sign-in link sent to the email address you’re registered under. (You should have received email about this, sent to that email address, a couple months ago.)

Thank you for your consideration!

For lots of ideas about works and people to nominate, see the Lady Business “Hugo Spreadsheet of Doom” for this year:

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