It Does It All

Finishing up some items for the winter treat boxes, hoping to get the upper tiers out today. For the “Narnia in Love” theme, I was thinking of winter trees, when you’ve pushed through the coats in the wardrobe and emerged into the frozen wood, touched with a blush of pink. Rosewood scent, which has a floral, slightly rose-like odor.

(The top tier gets the rose mold; it takes a little extra time to use that one, since it’s an individual mold, and you have to make the soaps one by one.)

I admit, I’m mostly amused by all the claims for various scents and oils’ properties, and would caution people not to take these claims too seriously. But it’s fun to read:

“The essential oil of rosewood is a powerful ally of the skin. Softening and firming, it brings radiance to the epidermis. It is therefore an excellent natural anti-aging! Thanks to the presence of linalool in its composition, this essence also has antiviral and anti-infectious properties. Its soft and subtle fragrance is also indicated to calm stress and anxiety.”

It does it all. 🙂

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