Day 1 of the Drive Went Great

We got 8 new members for the Speculative Literature Foundation! Woohoo! If we can keep up that pace, we might actually make it all the way to the 250 goal before the end of the month, although of course, it’s tricky, because FB algorithms mean that most people who’d be interested in this won’t actually get shown any of my posts about it. Sigh. Well, we’ll do our best!

Let me tell you today about a free panel that we’re offering this Saturday — it’s going to be the first of four free panels, and if they go well, and the drive goes well, we may just keep this up every Saturday for the forseeable future. This is one of the questions I get most often when I’m talking to new writers and readers — “Where do you get your ideas?”

Ben and I are going to try to give you a rapid-fire and hopefully entertaining set of answers to that, and will then host Q&A afterwards. So hope you can join us — Ben is coming to us all the way from Switzerland, so thanks to him for staying up late for this! We do ask that you register in advance at the link below — membership is not required, but we’d love to have you join us!


Generating Ideas
March 5, 2 – 3PM Central

Let’s talk about where writers get their ideas, and how you decide which ideas you want to develop into a finished piece.

Panelists: SLF Director Mary Anne Mohanraj & Benjamin Rosenbaum, author of The Unraveling and podcast co-host for Mohanraj and Rosenbaum Are Humans

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