NON-PROFIT REQUEST FOR HELP: Hey, folks. So we’d like to work on access at the SLF, and as part of that, we want to make sure that everything we do with audio / video is also available with a transcription.

We have subtitles automatically provided on YouTube, but it’d be even better if we had actual transcripts that people had the option of reading, esp. since some of the podcast episodes, for example, are two hours long. We use a transcription service to do a first pass, but then we need a human to go through and edit the transcript, cleaning it up.

Here’s an example of one of the podcast episodes that doesn’t have a transcript:

Here’s an example of a Deep Dish interview WITH a transcript:…/silvia-moreno-garcia/

Each one would take a few hours to do. Hopefully reasonably fun hours of listening to me and Benjamin Rosenbaum and other people we’re talking to about science fiction, fantasy, writing, community, etc!

If you think you can spare a few hours, we’d love to add you to our Volunteer Transcriptionist Corps. In exchange, you get our undying gratitude, the knowledge that you’re helping to make the field more accessible and diverse, your name listed on our website with a link back to your own site if you like, and a one-year membership to the SLF (once you’ve actually done at least 2 transcripts).

If interested, please comment below or PM me! Thank you!!!

(And even if you can’t volunteer, we’d really appreciate likes / comments / shares for the FB visibility algorithms. It’s been super-frustrating trying to get the word out about things, and we definitely need lots of help on that front. THANKS!)

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