“Wake” Story Added to My Website

Here’s something for y’all — it’s been six months since my story “Wake” was published, and so I’ve now added it to my website.

This story came out of my stress about going to Black Lives Matter protests during the height of COVID lockdown — it is very personal, and hopefully resonant for many of you. Enjoy.

“Amudhini reached out to touch her husband’s hand, feeling guilty about disturbing his sleep, but needing the reassurance. Outside their window, the sun was climbing in the sky, and all seemed well, but Amu’s sleep had been troubled. A roiling mass of incoherent dreams, dark figures striding across a shadowed landscape, torches blazing. Stephen made a small, grumbly noise, but then his fingers curled around hers, squeezing.”


Originally published in _Whether Change: The Revolution Will Be Weird._ Artwork from the cover.

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