Painting a Table

Finally got to a project yesterday that I’d been meaning to do for months and months — painting a table. This was a nice table once upon a time, which a pretty wood finish, but kids + life had scratched it up. I could’ve probably refinished the wood, but instead, thought it would be fun to paint it.

Step one — get an orbital sander (whee!) and sand it a bit for better paint adherence; the original surface was slick and glossy. I haven’t used an orbital sander before, but it was straightforward and fast. Does make my arms feel funny while using it, so wouldn’t want to do a ton of sanding all at once, I think. 🙂

Step two — prime, with a primer designed to adhere to tricky surface. Not sure if this was actually necessary, but figured it couldn’t hurt.

Next step — stencilling!

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