All About Leftovers

Stencilling yesterday was all about leftovers — I had some free flower and paisley stencils that had come with other orders, some hot air balloons I’d used to stencil the kids’ playroom years and years ago, and so I just played with them.

First pass, I stencilled the individual images, but decided the final result of that was a little too stark. This is meant to be a working table, and I want it to mostly blend into that corner of the basement garden work area, and not compete with the pretty rug under the table, but work harmoniously together. So after the stencilled pattern had dried, I went over it in a different shade of light blue-grey (all leftover paint from other projects) with a sponge, which made the final result much less dramatic.

I’m happy with the result — it’s a cloudy dream of flowers and paisleys and balloons and birds, with a sweet little cloud at the center. I have one more thing to do before it’s complete — add a few thin layers of sealer, since I’m planning to do a lot of garden work at this table, so it has to be waterproof. Sealer’s been ordered, so I’ll likely do that that later this week.

Satisfying to get one painting project done. A dozen or so to go…

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