Garden Log 1/30/22

Yesterday and today, amaryllis “Aquaro”. It looks like most (possibly all) of my amaryllises will be coming back, after the prescribed period of 2-5 months of rest in a cool, dark place.

I’m very pleased — they’re so expensive, it felt really indulgent to buy them before, for just one season. If they’re going to come back for me year after year, that’s much easier to justify. 🙂

After they bloom, snip off the flower stalk and treat the leaves like a houseplant, giving them plenty of sunlight to build up for next year’s blooms. Water lightly (never soggy), feed occasionally.

A few months before you want them to bloom, move them to a cool, dark place — an unheated basement or garage is what’s usually recommended, although I put them in my basement fridge, which also seemed to work fine. The leaves will gradually wither and fall away ; don’t water during this period.

That’s it — very simple!

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