Folkworld Fabric

Sewed one more cushion cover (20 minutes), v. satisfying. I love this fabric so much (Robert Allen’s Folkworld); this is exactly the kind of pattern I’d like to learn how to design myself.

I used it for the curtains in my writing shed, and in a different colorway for the seat cushions in our eat-in area. I still have a little left in this color, and am trying to figure out what to do with it. Maybe a tote bag? I feel like it should be something fairly large, so enough of the print is visible to be appreciated properly.

In general, mask-sewing has slowed down around here, which is fine — I’d only recommend cloth masks at this point if people are double-masking with a surgical mask below the cloth. I still get occasional orders, but I do still have rather a lot of fabric, and am trying to decide what to try to sew and sell next. A little sewing every week is very pleasant and calming.

I’m thinking maybe fabric rolls? The kind you can use for artist pencils, or knitting / crochet tools, or make-up brushes? I could make zip-up bags instead, but then I’d have to remind myself how to sew in a zipper. 🙂 And the rolls are so charming — I have one for my crochet hooks, and another for my artist pencils.

I also thought about aprons, to go with the cooking theme, but that’s going to require more reserach on my part, probably trying a couple different apron patterns to find one I’m happy with. A fabric roll feels a little more manageable (and also something I can likely do with smaller pieces of fabric I currently have on hand).

Thoughts / requests welcome.

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