Transitioning to Green and White

I’ve been slowly taking down Christmas, which means my house is transitioning to mostly green and white for January.

I took an hour to make some quick cushion covers — I have some cool garden-themed fabric that I bought online for mask-making, not realizing it was upholstery fabric, which is generally not ideal for mask-making. I realized I had just enough fabric to make two cushions for the couch, so I quickly ran them up:

– cut 18″ square for the front
– cut 2 18″ x 13″ rectangles to overlap on the back
– on the rectangles, along the length on one side, make a 1/2 folded hem, iron flat, and sew down the folded hem (just along the length once)
– place 18″ square right side up, place other pieces wrong side up on top, overlapping the hemmed pieces in the middle (match the raw edges around the square)
– pin square together, then sew around the square edge (1/4″ hem), then turn inside out and iron flat
– insert 18″ fill, plump, enjoy!

For more detailed instructions, there are lots of tutorials around, like this one:…/

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