We’re Thinking of a Valentine’s Sale

We’re thinking we’re going to do a little Valentine’s Sale — both an in-person event here at the house on Saturday the 12th, 4-7, wine and shopping, and online items as well. Spent a little while with the team brainstorming earlier today what we might offer:

– Perennial (romance) and erotica (digital-only at the moment)
– scarves with Kavi’s “Heartplanets” design — I inventoried, and I have 7 lengths of fabric ready for sewing up
– other scarves in Valentine’s colors (i.e., mostly pink!) — I have 4-5 of those
– maybe a few masks in appropriate fabrics
– resin jewelry, of course — necklaces and keychains
– maybe some heart-soaps? I have a cool mold that has a knitted texture pattern to it, so a nice gift for the knitter in your life

– and of course, sweets; spicy chocolate & passionfruit marshmallows seem appropriate

If you think of anything else that you’d like me to offer for Valentine’s Day, now is your chance to speak up.

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