Like Being at a Convention Again

Writing retreat, Santa Fe. We took a little break from writing this morning to meet up with some local SF/F writers for breakfast at Cafecito Santa Fe. I had a delicious little corn & cheese empanada with green chili sauce and chimichurri — so good. We talked for close to three solid hours about writing and craft and business and it was almost like being at a convention again — oh, I miss conventions!

Santa Fe / Albuquerque really has a nice little genre community — for some reason, it seems like they have way more professional SF/F writers around than Chicago, which is a little frustrating to me. Guess that just gives me more reason to visit, though. Oh, the horror. 🙂

Pictured, left to right: Alex Gurevich, Susan Lee, Jim Sorenson, Jeffe Kennedy (current SFWA president), me, Emily Mah Tippetts.

(I am exceedingly envious of Jeffe’s long embroidered coat. Do you think I could pull off a cowboy hat like Jim’s?)

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