Dinner and Board Games

Writing retreat, Santa Fe. Yesterday, Susan and Alex came by for dinner and board games after a day of writing.

Susan brought me green chili cornbread and green chili mustard which was so delicious, I could not stop eating it. I’m taking the rest of the jar home for Kevin; I think green chili mustard might become a staple in our house.

We taught Susan Wingspan; I think we’ll likely play another game later today or tomorrow, solidify her understanding of the game. It really is a fabulous game; I have one minor complaint about the game design, in that the ‘Play a Bird’ row is so visually small that it takes a while to get beginners to understand that it’s its own separate action, and you can’t combine playing a bird with laying eggs, getting food, or drawing cards.

But aside from that minor quibble, really love it — I think it’s one of the first big games since Settlers to really break out from the board game community into the wider world, and I can totally see why.

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