$12 For Peace of Mind

Quick note that I was feeling anxious about hosting a birthday party on Saturday after being in Nashville for several days (low vaccination rates, basically nobody masking, airplanes and airports) and the Bay Area for several days (high vaccination rates, some masking, airplanes and airports), so I swung by CVS and picked up a rapid COVID test — negative, whew.

I’m vaccinated, didn’t really think I had COVID, but I was coughing a bit the night I got home, and I didn’t want to risk passing COVID to my staff or party people (they’re all vaccinated, but still, Delta, etc.). I cancelled in-person staff meetings this week until I’d been tested, and was prepared to cancel the party if need be.

Totally worth the $12 for peace of mind!

The test itself (I did the BINAX one) was super-simple — it’s just testing for antigens, and it takes 15 minutes, and an easy nose swab (not deep). Follow the instructions carefully, and you’ll be fine. It comes as a set of two tests, so we have one on hand for future need.

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