Bringing Back the Reading Series

Medical types, esp. if I have any epidemiologists in the house, would appreciate your thoughts on this. For the SLF, there are two activities we’d hoped to resume in-person in the fall:

a) the reading series, which typically brings 50-75 people (locals) together in a small bookstore. Chicago, IL.

b) the long weekend writing workshop, which typically brings 12-15 people (not necessarily locals) together in a large Victorian for 4 days. (For this one, we could require vaccinated people only, though I’m a little iffy on whether that’s potentially ableist, keeping those who can’t vaccinate due to health issues from participating.) Oak Park, IL for this one.

We don’t *need* to do either of these; we could wait to restart them until spring, for example. I’m just not clear on whether that would be more responsible to do at this point, or whether it’s essentially okay to start up again. Chicago is around 48% and Oak Park is around 55% vaccinated currently. (A good chunk of those not vaccinated yet are children under 12, who wouldn’t be attending either of these events.)

Thoughts welcome.

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