Three Committees

School board meeting tonight; among other things, I’ve been assigned to (volunteered for) three committees in addition to regularly bimonthly meetings:

• Instruction
• Facilities (a new committee)
• Tradition of Excellence (honoring alumni who have been exceptionally successful in their fields)

I’m looking forward to digging in on instruction and facilities — both of which I have a strong interest in. Instruction, obviously, is a lot of my life. Facilities — between the gut renovation we did on our own 1885 Victorian, and the way in which function often follows form, paying close attention to facilities seems pretty critical in shaping what can be done in terms of instruction.

One project I’d worked on at the library was a facilities master plan — we’d just started that process when COVID hit, and we had to put it on hold. I’m hoping the new library board can get back to it soon; it’s something that really needs to be redone every decade or so, I suspect, as institutions and communities change their shapes and priorities.

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