Tamil Name Research Question

I appear to have given two women in The Stars Change the same name, “Uma.” That’s fine — of course lots of people have the same name. But it’s confusing in a book, especially when they’re both the mothers of your main characters (a lesbian couple, Amara and Narita). And, of course, the protagonists address their mothers as “Amma,” which just adds to the confusion… Gah. What was I thinking?

TSC is published, so I don’t want to go back and change the names, but I’m thinking that once this couple gets together, maybe one of the mothers starts using the longer form of her name.

I’m trying to figure out what a longer form of “Uma” would be in Tamil. It’s a common name from several cultures, so I could use Umaima, for example, but that’s a Muslim name, and this family is of Tamil Hindu origin. (SF, so it’s set a few hundred years in the future, things have changed a lot…)


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