I’m Tentatively Thinking Of Actually Getting On a Plane

I hit fully-vaccinated status yesterday, and while I’m not going to rush around and do all the things, I’ve mostly not left a three-block radius for over a year, and the itchy feet are practically on fire at this point. And I miss Jed. So tentatively thinking of going to CA once the semester is over for 10 days.

I hesitated a little to even talk about this, because I don’t want to encourage bad behavior. But I also think we should go back to normal as appropriate, when we can? I’ll be masked in public, of course, and social distancing as much as possible in airports and such.

Mostly I’m expecting to just be at either Jed’s house or Alex and Christa’s house, so interacting with a very limited set of people. Which is a little weird — I lived in California for three years, and have a lot of friends there (and Kevin’s family); normally I go out once or twice a year, and often throw some kind of party while I’m out there. But hopefully I can come back in the fall and see a larger group.

I’m trying to decide if it’s reasonably responsible to do something like meet outdoors with vaccinated friends while I’m there (masked walk? picnic in the park?), or if I should wait on that.

Also, we cancelled many many book events for Feast last year; I could get in touch with those places and see if they’ve started doing things again. I’m wondering if I should go ahead and try to schedule things, or should I wait ’til fall? (I can probably at least stop by the store and sign copies, if they have them…)

It feels like a weird balancing line right now. Open up a little, but not too much. Oak Park is doing very well at the moment in terms of keeping disease incidence down, so it also means factoring in things like how well other places are doing. The Bay Area isn’t a hotspot right now, I think? I should research more.

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