Questions on Indie Publishing

Hey, writers. For the 491 class I’m teaching this semester, I’ve been asking students to drop their business of writing questions to me, so that I can try to answer some of them as we have time in class. A LOT of them have questions about indie publishing, and given that much interest, I’m wondering whether it makes sense to do a broader presentation.

I’m thinking I might do a few, actually — one with just me presenting some basics of how you use Kickstarter to fund a book, for example, and then putting together a panel of experienced writers talking about their indie publishing record.

To be clear, there’s a BIG challenge with indie publishing, in terms of having your work taken seriously in the literary and academic sphere after you do so. There are ways to approach that, which may or may not succeed; that’s definitely one of the things I’ll be talking about.

So this is not necessarily ADVOCATING for indie; I’d just like to give people a clearer sense of where the publishing world is right now on this subject, and how you might approach it if you were thinking about it.

If I set up a larger Zoom presentation on this through the SLF, would any of you be interested? Let me know!

If you’re a successful indie-published author who might be willing to be on such a panel for us, drop me a line? No up-front pay, but you’d of course be welcome to pimp your books. 🙂

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