Feeling Like Myself Again

I’ve been in a super-crabby mood for days, but today I woke up feeling like myself again. Sun shining (it actually is, which surely doesn’t hurt, see how pretty my flowers look with the morning light kissing them), birds chirping, I actually want to deal with some of my e-mail, etc. 🙂

Plan for today is busy:

– meet with Stephanie to talk about Valentine’s Day treat sale (will be posting SOON, quantities very limited), getting more of my digital books on the Shopify site, doing an expanded Marshmallows of Serendib — DONE

– co-writing 10:30 – 12:30: working on e-mail, then reviewing new digital file for Torn Shapes of Desire, which we are re-releasing, eep! Possibly in time for Valentine’s Day? The erotica I wrote in my 20s, fun. I need to write a new introduction.

– 12:30 – 1 — ducking into roundsinging briefly, because it is so lovely to sing in chorus, even on Zoom

– 1 – 2:45: iGov is hosting a candidate forum to answer candidate questions, help give them a sense of the scope of the job; I don’t actually have any questions, but I’m planning to attend anyway, part of the whole civic duty thing

– 3-6: Tea break! Terraform Mars online with Kam and Jed.

– 6-9: back to writing (let me know if y’all want to do co-writing); I have a Wild Cards revision due now-isn and a secret project due on Monday

Tomorrow will be mostly writing, possibly co-writing, but also recording the podcast with Benjamin Rosenbaum, Darius Vinesar, and guest Cory Doctorow. We’re going to have fun.

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