I Love SF/F, I Swear

Okay, so this is just funny to me. We asked Darius Vinesar to pull some clips from the podcast that we could use to advertise the Kickstarter. Right?

I have to note here, because it’s very relevant, that in addition to being our audio / video editor on the podcast, he’s also a young writer as well, who sometimes commits SF/F, and has studied with me teaching him in college.

So then he pulled this clip, which is me pontificating for 2.5 minutes on why college student sci-fi / fantasy actually often is pretty bad, and it’s no wonder that so many professors don’t allow it in their classrooms. (I know, some of you want to fight me now. Listen to the clip first! I love SF/F, I swear.)

And note that he DIDN’T pull the next bit, which is Benjamin Rosenbaum responding to my contention, even though you can see in the video that Ben has started counting on his fingers in response to my points, so he’ll remember how many things he wants to say in response…

…and I don’t actually remember now what he said, so we’ll have to listen to the podcast, I guess, to find out if he agreed with me or not. Eep.

Assuming we actually launch it! Did we mention, there’s a Kickstarter going? We’re at $399 out of a $1500 goal last month, and if you can throw a couple bucks our way to help pay our audio/video editor, then we can say a lot more things that you might want to argue with? That’s a great pitch, right? 🙂

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