22 Votes

Pleased to note that my design “The Dragon and the Unicorn Battle for the Crown” got 22 votes in the latest design challenge at Spoonflower. I mean, it’s very far from the top 50, much less actually winning, but I’m still a novice, and I think I’m getting better every week. It’s lovely that 22 people liked it enough to vote for it. We’ll see how my tumbling tardigrades do in the next challenge. 🙂

While I’m here, I’ll note that Spoonflower is having its “free worldwide shipping” right now, so if you were tempted by some indie-designed fabric or wallpaper, but the shipping costs were stopping you, now’s your chance.

My shop here, but there are SO MANY gorgeous designs on Spoonflower, you might want to set aside a little browsing time: https://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/serendibhome

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