Something to ponder for 2020

I think it’s hilarious that given the stressfulness of the Feast production process, Stephanie still says, “But I think this is fun!” Uh huh. Sure.

Apparently, she is not terrified of trying to do another book next year. I don’t know that I’ll have another book of my own ready by then, since right now, any book I write, I’d try traditionally publishing first, and probably give it at least a year in that process before thinking about whether to indie publish it. (So even if I wrote a SF novel, or a garden memoir, or a poetry chapbook, they’d go through that process first.)

But I could do an anthology, perhaps. Is there an anthology I feel strongly about putting out there? Or publish someone else’s book, which was always something I thought about doing with Serendib Press down the line. Hm. Something to ponder for 2020.

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