Photos from several locations

I’ve been so harried the last few weeks that all sorts of photos and video have been piling up on my phone, so I’m afraid you are about to get a flood of them, as I’m completely unscheduled today. So brace for it. 

These are some pics from Shojo, an airport restaurant in Boston, Terminal C — I am so glad that I thought to google for good restaurants at that airport, because I just could not face more Western food. I like it, but there comes a point when I hit my limit, and traveling can be wearying. Need Asian food to rejuvenate.

Amusingly, we had sat down in a lounge area to eat, and the woman at the table next to us was staring at our food, and then finally gave up, came over, and asked where I’d gotten it, if it was far. Then she threw away her quarter-eaten burger which she was sorely disappointed with, and went to get her own fabulous Asian food.

Weirdly, the airport overall seemed to have very few options with pasta, which I would’ve gotten for the kids. The dumplings, which Anand usually loves, were surprisingly spicy, so I consumed them happily, and he was happy with the ribs instead. The congee was huge and I could only finish half of it after eating the dumplings, but a fried egg soaking into rice with avocado and crispy onion bits was incredibly comforting after a long weekend of kid-minding on my own.
(It was a good weekend, but managing travel with kids is always a little bit of a challenge. They’re SO much easier now than they used to be, though! If I can’t feed them right away, they cope, instead of melting down into crankiness and tears.)

They had several items I didn’t get to try, so if I’m ever back at that terminal (or, I gather, they have other restaurants actually in Boston), I’ll be back at Shojo again.


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