WorldCon in Dublin panel schedule

My WorldCon in Dublin panel schedule: Wild Cards, SF in Higher Ed, Protest and Resistance in Fiction and Reality, Polyamory in Theory and Practice. Details below.


• THURSDAY, 15 AUGUST, 2:00pm – 3:30 pm.
Wild Cards Program Item, details TBD.

• 17 Aug 2019, Saturday 15:00 – 15:50, Wicklow Room-2 (CCD)
The Use of SF in Higher Education

Professors from different disciplines discuss the possible uses of speculative fiction as a tool for teaching. From humanities to sciences via legal studies, how have academics used SFF in the classroom in the past & how can we dream of speculative fiction – and the technology it posits! – being used in future.

Mary Anne Mohanraj (Speculative Literature Foundation / University of Illinois at Chicago) (M), Nora E. Derrington (Washburn University), Dr David DeGraff (Alfred University), Shaun Duke (Bemidji State University), Corry L. Lee Ph.D.

• Protest and resistance in fiction and reality

Format: Panel
17 Aug 2019, Saturday 17:30 – 18:20, Stratocaster BC (Point Square)

The last decade has repeatedly demonstrated the central role of protest in politics. From the Women’s March in DC to the Arab Spring, protests have played a vital role in shaping the political conversation. How does SF reflect this reality? Is there room for protest in heroic fiction, or do these types of stories only leave space for violent resistance?

Abigail Nussbaum, Mary Anne Mohanraj (Speculative Literature Foundation / University of Illinois at Chicago), Ranylt Richildis (Lackington’s Magazine) (M), Paolo Bacigalupi, Veronica Roth

• Polyamory in theory and practice on Sunday at 12:00.

Polyamory in theory and practice
Resources abound for how to get started in opening up your relationship, but how do you make polyamory work in the real world? What do you do when your relationship styles seem to clash with those of your partners? How can you set effective boundaries with metamours? In this panel, we’ll tackle some of the harder questions that come up when theory meets practice.


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