Okay, so for The Marshmallows of Serendib, I’ve:
– spent much of yesterday formatting, getting the photos in the right places for e-book, wrestling with pagination and headers (I cannot get Word to do left and right page headers correctly, I give up, SORRY), taking out half the formatting as not relevant for e-books,e tc.
– also wrestled with various e-book editors and the KDP process
– gotten good versions of MOBI and EPUB files and a decent PDF file (for some reason, having trouble with getting the cover on there, but working on it)
– called my bank and gotten my business account info so I could upgrade PayPal to a business account, which I’m not sure I needed to do, but oh well, it didn’t cost anything, and now I can easily see how to add HTML buttons again
– added a PayPal shopping link to the Buy my Books page on my website
– added a PP link to the Shop page on the Serendib Kitchen site
– posted about it on Facebook and Twitter
– posted about it on the Serendib Kitchen blog (which automatically propagates to my main blog and the SK Facebook group)
– posted about it to the women POC food writers group
– sent out my newsletter with the info
– had someone else get it up on GoodReads (without my asking, thanks!)
– solicited reviews
Most of today was basically publishing work, and it’s nice to self-publish something, but I’ve done no actual writing yesterday or two and am SUPER-CRABBY as a result. I have had to take periodic video game breaks to get all this done because I was getting so tense and crochety.
I do not want to self-publish all my books. I like publishers. Publishers are GREAT. Moar publishers please.

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