The Mad Whirl

Feeling a little weirdly — dizzy? I don’t know. It feels like I have a LOT of books coming out right now (Perennial, Survivor, The Marshmallows of Serendib, Vegan Serendib), and more in the queue that will likely be out soon, and there were several years without books before this (The Stars Change was what, four years ago?), and it’s just dizzy-making.
I think I’m having imposter syndrome, like, they can’t all be good, what are you doing putting out so many books at once, go hide in your room for a decade and come out when you have a decent novel or memoir.
But the novel and memoir are both still in progress, and they’ll hopefully be good and finished some day, but not this month or this year even.
And in the meantime, it *has* been four years, and it’s sort of coincidence that everything else is ready right now, and also that I just happen to have time at the moment to finish up a variety of projects that I’ve been working on for four years. I started Survivor two years ago, after all. Perennial came out of the cancer (which also kept me from publishing much for a while). These little Serendib books came out of Feast, which I spent most of last year working on (and which I still have to hunt publishers for, speaking of finished books that should get out the door…) There’s a logic to the floodgates opening right now.
But still, it feels dizzying. Maybe I’ll just sit here quietly for a little while.
(Before the next round of mad book-production and promotion.)

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