Forty-seven is pretty nice so far. This morning, I did a little hike with Kavya to Rainbow Falls as the sun was rising (hence the rather obscured birthday selfie, as I tried to capture the sunrise). Feeling particularly grateful for my health, and for my kids, who get more interesting and sweet every day.

We were talking in the car back from camp about why I keep starting projects instead of just lying around playing video games in my free time. I may have said something about the world needing fixing, and Kavi said that she was sorry she couldn’t help me fix the world yet, but she will soon. I bet she will too. (Anand is still holding out for more video games, but we’ll get him eventually. He’s only eight.)

The novel is progressing, though a bit lost in the murky middle now. I’m trying to trust the process. (The book is mostly terrible, but I can make it better later. Right? Right.) Jed is probably coming to join me and Kev and the kids for dinner and board games tonight, and if not, I’ll see him tomorrow for a birthday potluck, with various old friends at his house.

After a few roiling years of stress and chaos, feeling grateful right now for this moment of peace.


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