I am feeling mom-guilt that this week, the first year that UIC and the kids’ school have had spring breaks that actually coincide, where we could have gone somewhere, I haven’t organized any trips. We are not going to Sri Lanka, or Disney World, or the Wisconsin Dells, or even to visit the parents (which is what we usually do on family vacation).
Monday I worked all day. This afternoon, Kev and I took the kids with us while we ran errands in downtown Oak Park. Look, kids — an exciting UPS store! Hey, there’s mommy’s bank! Let’s go straighten out that PIN issue! That’ll be fun! Tomorrow, I told Kavi if she wants, I’ll take her to the YMCA (a block away), to go swimming. Exciting. And then I was gone this evening for a library board meeting.
Five minutes ago, I found myself on the Wisconsin Dells site (I’ve never been, but apparently they have many indoor waterparks, and are only a 3 hour drive away.) I don’t actually want to go there. I am trying to use Spring Break to either a) rest or b) get through some backlogged work, for my own peace of mind. Tell me I don’t need to pack the family into a car tomorrow and drive to Wisconsin.

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  1. If it makes you feel better, we aren’t doing anything for Katie’s break either.

    You could always spend a couple hours every other day taking them bowling, to a movie, swimming, etc. Try going as a family to an escape room. I bet you would all love it. (But be aware not all will accept kids)

    Sometimes kids need quiet breaks too.

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