I did the first class as part of the free LiveStrong course at the Y (for cancer survivors) this evening. (Not available at all Y’s, sorry!) It runs for several weeks, M/W, from 6 – 7:30. I am not normally an evening exerciser, but a) it’s a lot of free classes, and b) if I complete the course, I get a free Y membership. So I’m giving it a go.

I was one of the youngest people in the nine-person class, which is not surprising; I was young to get cancer too. Throughout the class, they gave two versions of the exercises — the full-out version, and the low-key version. I mostly could do the full-out one, except that my cardio capacity is still sort of pathetic. I suppose that’s why I’m exercising. I’m reasonably strong, though, so that’s nice.

The format was a couple rounds of group exercise (jumping jacks, squats, etc.), circuit training. Then 15 minutes of cardio, where you were supposed to push yourself for 12 minutes, then cool down for 3. Then some rounds of strength training on the machines, to whatever level you wanted to work at. Then some more rounds of group exercise, circuit training, but strength-focused (stiff-legged deadlifts, resistance band leg lifts, etc.). Cool-down stretches.

Some of it was almost too easy for me, and I might have to ask them to bring in heavier free weights for me. But I’ve got a ways to go on cardio. So, good overall, gets me into the gym twice a week, we’ll see where I am at the end of the program. They do assessments at beginning and end, so you can get a real sense of what it does for you.

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