Nice gardening moment — last night’s pizza delivery came with an older man, maybe mid-50s, heavy accent that I couldn’t place, but might have been Middle Eastern.

“Flowers not freeze?” [gesturing to the pansies, hyacinths, and muscari I’d potted up earlier in the day]

“No, pansies are tough; they should be fine. Even if it snows a little.”

“Not freeze??” [making sure he understood me, I think]

“Not freeze! They’ll be fine!”

[big smile] “Beautiful, beautiful! Buy at Menard’s?”

I didn’t actually get them at Menard’s (local hardware store), but I’m sure Menard’s has them too, so I nodded yes. He went off with a little extra spring in his step — I suspect there’ll be pansies added to his yard sometime this week.

Garden proselytizing is the best proselytizing.

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