Cancer Log

Perennial Re-Release

Delighted to note that Riverdale Avenue Books has re-released my garden romance, Perennial. Set in Oak Park and intercut with the poems I wrote during my course of treatment, it follows the story of a woman who’s just received a cancer diagnosis, and the handsome Indian-Scottish flower shop owner whose flowers bring her hope, friendship,

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Tornado Cover Reveal

Cover reveal — this is the draft cover for Tornado, my cancer memoir. I really like it — the concept is a collaboration between me, the publisher (Lori Perkins), and the artist (Scott Carpenter). I wanted the feel of a sudden tornado touching down in your life, sending everything flying — but because it is

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Splendid People

Cancer log 222. Doing the final pass on the cancer log manuscript, which involves skimming all the comments people posted, to make sure I integrate some of the useful advice they gave. I thought I’d be able to just whip through that by dinnertime, but there are more than 200 entries, and literally thousands upon

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