Breakfast with Huzefa

Had breakfast with my friend Huzefa this morning, whom I only manage to see about once a year or so; we always have too much to talk about, and should just figure out how to see each other more often. Well, we’ll work on it. Two hours is better than no hours.

Came home and spent a while putting together some thoughts on the cover design for the reissue of Perennial and the new Tornado cancer memoir. I don’t know if the publisher / art director will end up using any of my ideas — often, the author has little-to-no say in cover design.

But they did ask for my input, so input they shall have. I sent along a bunch of thoughts, and put together a Pinterest board with some image and palette possibilities. Isn’t this a pretty palette? So pretty.

And hey, sometime when I wasn’t looking in the past few years, Pinterest has added the ability to organize your boards, which is GREAT. I have now organized this board mightily, even though it has less than 20 pins total, and it pleases me.

Of course, now I want to go and compulsively organize ALL of my old boards, but that is not a good use of your time, Mary Anne, so do not. Do you hear me? DO NOT. You woke up feeling good for the first time in a week, and since your energy will probably fade sometime soon, please focus on the things that actually need to get done today…

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