Splendid People

Cancer log 222. Doing the final pass on the cancer log manuscript, which involves skimming all the comments people posted, to make sure I integrate some of the useful advice they gave. I thought I’d be able to just whip through that by dinnertime, but there are more than 200 entries, and literally thousands upon thousands of comments; after working for something like 8 hours, I’m only up to entry 131…

…because I can’t actually skim these comments; I have to read them, it turns out — they’re so lovely and thoughtful and heartfelt and sometimes they make me cry. It’s been an intensely emotional day.

You people. You’re just splendid.

I am endlessly grateful. If I came through cancer treatment with any grace at all, it was only because I could talk to all of you, and know that you were listening, responding with kindness and generosity and wisdom and astonishing compassion.

Pictured — Anand, swimming in our ginormous pandemic pool, which eats up most of our backyard, and which we finally got around to setting up yesterday. It feels a little late, but late is better than never, and we do have another month of summer left. I’ve been working in the shed all day, but when the manuscript got a little too much for me, I plunged into the pool, and it was good.

Going to take a break now, watch the final Ms. Marvel with Kavi and Kevin. And then, if I have energy, I’ll come back and finish the manuscript this evening, which would be very satisfying. But if it gets finished tomorrow or the next day, that’s okay too.

Everything in its own time. We do what we can, when we can — that was one of the biggest lessons cancer treatment tried to teach me.

I’m still learning it.

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