Reading through Anand’s IEP in preparation for tomorrow’s annual meeting. Just wanted to note how much I appreciate the care and effort all of his teachers are putting in to helping him succeed. We are very lucky that they appreciate his quickness, creativity and humor.

(Sorry about his tendency to resist following templates and his continued eagerness to argue with his teachers. I understand that it’s frustrating when you would like to just concentrate on teaching twenty second-graders reading, writing, and arithmetic, which I’m sure is a hard enough job without Anand ‘helping.’

We’ll speak to Anand again about how right now, he should sometimes just try help the teacher out and follow instructions, even when he’s sure he knows a better way to do it.

We’ll also remind him that there will be plenty of opportunity to exercise those argumentative character traits in the future, when he’s speaking truth to power as part of the Resistance.)

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